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Synthetic Ice Rinks

Modern Touch Home Improvements can provide synthetic ice surface pads or build your dream indoor or outdoor rink. Increase practice time for hockey, figure skating, ringette and more fun.

If your kids love to skate, whether it’s for fun, figure skating or ice hockey, imagine how happy they would be to have that experience year round.

Read our “Home Synthetic Ice Frequently Asked Questions” below to get all of your questions answered.

Can I use normal Ice Skates?
Yes! Normal ice hockey skates or figure skates work fine on synthetic ice.

Should the skates be sharp?
The synthetic ice experience will be better if the skates are sharp-just like on real ice.

Can I walk on it?
We prefer if foot traffic stayed off the surface. It brings dirt and debris onto the synthetic ice surface and this potentially takes away from the skating experience, not to mention it then has to be cleaned!

I’ve heard this is really hard on the skate blades, is this true?
There is more resistance on thus surface and therefore it is generally going to dull the blades faster than real ice. But there a variables like weight, skating efficiency, ability, type of skate and so on – so it can vary. Usually a decent skater can skate on this product for 5-6 hours
without needing to sharpen the skate blades. Some of our competitors products require a sharpening every 30 minutes or less!

Is the surface fine for either hockey or figure skating or recreational skating?
Yes! We offer high performance synthetic ice products for hockey, sledge hockey, figure skating, and all around recreational use. It’s fun for everyone!

Can it be placed outside?
Yes! Please read the article below on indoor vs. outdoor home synthetic ice rinks.

What is the operation temperature range?
Between minus 40C and plus 50C

How do you ship the synthetic ice panels?
Typically we place the product on pallets and hire a freight carrier (trucking firm) to take it to your home for unloading.

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