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Tiny Homes

Backyard Suites – Granny Suites – Tiny Homes

One solution to the housing shortage in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Backyard suites, granny suites, carriage suites or tiny homes.

Anyone thinking of adding additional living space in their HRM home or backyard can apply for a permit to do so.

Solving The Housing Shortage In Halifax, Nova Scotia

The backyard suite seen in the picture above, was an alternative to a basement granny suite. The basement needed a lot of upgrading to bring it up to code. This included digging down to get the required head room. The basement would have to be excavated at least two to three feet.

Additionally egress windows had to be cut out of a concrete wall. Furthermore all structural members also had to be upgraded. In the end this would a costly renovation. The solution was to build a backyard suite, tiny home.

The owners contacted Modern touch renovations for a quote on the basement. Once the quote was in it evolved into the backyard suite tiny home. This structure went up fast, since it was basically a new build. Furthermore the project took about half of the time of completing the basement reno. What a great alternative to renovating part of a home into a granny suite.

Where To Start With Backyard Suites

A backyard suite is a free-standing building constructed on their own or over top of an existing structure such as a garage. For your specific property you will have to follow the land use bylaws, which vary depending on the area you live in (HRM).

Additionally you can refer to the Interactive Property Information map to determine your bylaw use. Once you know the limitations of development of your area of HRM, you can proceed to apply.

Need A Quote on Your Granny Suite, Backyard Suite or Tiny Home?

Modern Touch home improvement and general renovations has the experience. We have already built a successful project according to the specs laid out by the city. We can supply you with the most competitive quote for this or any other project you have in mind.

Picture Gallery Of Tiny Home – Granny Suite